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Installing mongrel2

Mongrel2, the language agnostic web-server. That sounds rad. So, naturally, I had to install it. I am, at the time of writing, barely reading the chapter three of the book but managed to go through the installation thanks to the very detailed guide provided there.

But I ran into some (easily fixable) issues, which I’ll share for posterity and the sanity of others.

  • When installing the dependencies, it complained about how uuid-dev was missing. A sudo apt-get install uuid-dev fixed that.
  • If you’re like me and like copy-pasting lines of code that seem to long, and are reading the pdf version of the book, be careful with the ‘~’ character: it will be copied as another one that isn’t the /home/user shortcut. This is a preposterous one, I know, but it spew some errors about the sqlite database and stuff that might prove discouraging.
  • When trying to make all install mongrel2, it complained about not finding some zeromq library. Fixed it by going into the folder where I keep zeromq and running sudo ldconfig -v.

So, that’s that, I’m off to learn about mongrel2.

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