Hi there, I'm Luis.

I'm not sure how you found this. But, hopefully, it's because I've done a decent job with this blog and the website hosting it: I've managed to get my name on search engines and have not messed up links on social media and maybe even publications, and now you can find the stuff I have made and put out there for you in one convenient place, and read my posts about literature here.

When I was a teenager, I started a blog (and a tumblr, and twitter, and who knows what else) to post my opinions and the things that "made me cool", like obscure references to music and books or cryptic quotes meant to impress a girl or a new friend. As an older adolescent, I got rid of all of those things because I was ashamed of all those things that I outgrew rapidly. I didn't think that I had anything of note to say, at least nothing that wouldn't be either a rehashing of what someone else has said better than me, or something obtuse I'd delete a week after. Nor did I really have anything to "promote" to even put in the work of maintaining a website. At some point in my early twenties, I started writing about technology just so prospective employers knew I was super into it. I also gave up on that: programmers always have these silly blogs, sometimes they're helpful, but only for those who definitely are committed with "having a brand", which is really just deciding to always find something to say. I like computers, but not that much. I still don't think I have much to add to this world by way of opinion.

And yet, here we are, I've started this blog, and I've stated I'm focusing on literature, and I've written 253 words so far in this post, so there must be a story here. And there is, it's simple: last year I realized that I enjoy writing very much, even if the end-product is sometimes boring and not world-shattering; part of my realization was that all we can do to make this borrowed existence worthwhile is take the things we enjoy and find a way to share them with others, with the hope that some lives will be improved and that we'll be leaving this world a slightly better place than we found it. This means, of course, taking the risk of being boring and ridiculous and a failure, but I think that's okay.

So, because now that I'm an adult close to his thirties and I'm hopefully outgrowing the selfish conceit of adolescence, and because I'm in peace with trying to do my best to use the medium of literature to share with you this little slice of life I've been entrusted with, I'm going to use this corner of the internet to stay in touch with you, as a person, as a person who shares this one interest with others. If you go to the main page, you can find things I've made myself. If you stay in this blog, you'll read about things I've found that I thought I'd share with you, and news about me in my role as a graphomaniac. I have a more personal, bilingual, non-focused journal elsewhere, if you'd rather just get stories of mine that don't really relate to literature. And those I think are the only things I'm sharing with the world at large for the time being. I do hope it's not a lot of noise.

Thanks for stopping by, take care now.