Ideas Fijas

Read the poem here: Ideas Fijas.

Continuing the theme of sonnets that don't do anything too sneaky, I wrote a couple of them in Spanish using the idea of a "crown" of sonnets: where the last line of a sonnet is the first one of the next--since they're only two, they simply link to each other. I have to confess it felt a bit liberating to leave the five-stress-per-line tradition of English and fall back to the comfortable mostly-three-but-do-keep-them-hendecasyllabic one of Spanish.

In them I explore a theme that I'm beginning to discover haunts me: the fixation with words, and the difficulty of taming words into conveying successful metaphors and ideas--e.g. the conceit of the first sonnet I'm not 100% sure works, but it's imagery that insisted to be written in that way, perhaps I'll revisit it better in a future poem.