Poetry: Ballad of the Noxious Neighbor

Read the poem here: Ballad of the Noxious Neighbor

I discovered ballads (and Romances in Spanish) while searching for a less serious and more narrative form than those afforded by iambic pentameter and hendecasyllables, as well as searching opportunities to do more slant-rhyming.

While browsing a handbook on poetic forms, I came across ballads; and with their easy rhythm and skip-rhyming, they looked like a perfect form to tell some less heavy stories, to sing about lighter things in life.

As always with a new form, I tried to find a topic that would suit it without doing a disservice to either the subject matter or the form—it feels a bit disingenuous to try to find a topic for a form instead of the other way around, but I feel it's necessary when learning, to get some practice on one's beck before function precedes form.

It wasn't hard to find said topic: just a few days before, I had had a rather comical episode involving the upstairs neighbor, my toilet routine and a rainy day. I hope you get a kick out of this ballad! Ballad of the Noxious Neighbor