Poetry: A Sonnet for Borges

While reading Borges's "El Oro de los Tigres", I noticed that he wrote quite a few sonnets, using the "English" or "Shakesperean" form instead of the more traditional Petrarchan form used by other hispanic writers. I found it inspiring that such a prolific and imaginative author decided to yield to the venerable tradition of the sonnet later in his life, as if he found in the strictures and brevity of the form a mirror to the economy of words and power of images that he adopted in his more seasoned works.

Finding in his command of the form a blessing from on high for me to also revisit it—sonnets were my favorite form back in my angsty college years—I've penned a few sonnets in Spanish and English in the past few weeks, and even though I still falter in details like keeping a consistent meter and not letting rhyme become a gimmick, I enjoy the solace of, at least for fourteen short lines, being in the direct tutelage of my betters.

One of the first sonnets I wrote, of course, was dedicated to Borges, here you go: Jorge Luis.