Poetry: Enmontañados (a Sestina)

Read the poem here: Enmontañados, a Sestina

Back in my first forays into poetics, I came across the notion of sestina in the wiki for /r/OCPoetry. And filed it under "things I should try one day".

A sestina is a rather mathematical form where you do the following:

  • Choose six words. They don't have to rhyme, but they'll be used as the end words for each verse of the poem
  • Write six stanzas of six lines each, ending in six different permutations of the six words:
    1. ABCDEF
    2. FAEBDC
    3. CFDABE
    4. ECBFAD
    5. DEACFB
    6. BDFECA
  • Then you write a last three-line stanza where you use all of the six words (two words per line). This can be in any order but people usually do it in the original order or one more permutation.

This form is quite tricky because you have to use the words so much one feels a bit of semantic satiation when writing it, and one also feels compelled to choose words that can take on different hues of meaning depending on the preceding phrase. In my view, that means one can either write something witty and humorous, or something one is almost obsessed about (or in love with). I went with the latter, and decided to write a few verses in honor of hiking—an activity that rescued me from many otherwise depressive stages and cemented my friendship with people I regard in the highest of esteems.

Since I hiked in Honduras with my honduran friends, it's only natural I'd do this one in Spanish—I actually also wrote a sestina in English but I think it needs a bit more polish before sharing, for now, enjoy Enmontañados