Lfborjas' Nerdlog

Javascript experiments

Lately I've gotten into javascript programming beyond simple vanilla stuff, and have learned a lot, like how to use it's function based abstraction to build object-oriented programs, or take advantage of the fact that functions are first-class citizens to program in a more functional style, as well as using svg to draw or localstorage to store information.

Here I list the things I've written to get the knack of some of these concepts, the source is open and I've added comments to each, so you can speak your mind

  1. A localstorage-backed note taking
  2. An svg-based reversi game

My backlog projects

When I begin working on an idea or do a throwaway project (usually for a talk or a class), I store them in my private git server, because, even though most of them won't ever or for a long time see the light, I like to keep them, as I learn a lot with that kind of projects. So, if you're looking for ideas or just want to see how much I suck at coding, feel free to browse them at git.lfborjas.com

My opensource projects

This page is mantained up-to-date by fetching my repositories list via the github api, don't fret if it takes a little to load