Sonnet I

Read the poem here: Sonnet I

As said before, sonnets have always had an allure for me: perhaps its their comfortable rhyme schemes, or the argumentative, almost essayistic nature of the form, which appeals to a mind long-used to organized thoughts vs. the freedom and subtlety of other poetic forms.

However, even though I like a few of my sonnets in Spanish, and I can come up with some okay ideas for the form in English, I've always been stumped by the tradition of using iambic pentameter, or even the call for five stresses per line, and thus my sonnets in English are usually stillborn, or mercifully hidden from the light of day.

A few weeks ago, I read a delightful entry about sonnets in the OC Poetry subreddit summing up the requirements, history and interesting modern deviations of the form. A few days before that, I had actually written some faux "linked" sonnets, and submitted them for feedback. As I expected, and as you can read in the comments, they're far from engaging the form successfully, and I'm still letting them and the feedback simmer before reworking them and sharing a final form, at some point.

A few days after that, I sat down and tried to finally engage the form without any zany deviations or excuses not to at least try a pentametric delivery, the result was today's poem, Sonnet I. Still not quite there, but it strives.